So the 2015 season is FAST approaching. We still have lots to do. But first it needs to warm the heck up. I am so ready for pulling outdoors on nice sunny days.

Are you ready, do you have the itch? Well Keystone Nationals are March 12-13 in Harrisburg Pa. We won't be attending, but good luck to all our friends that are going. Bring home the hardware.

It seems all the clubs have their schedules out. We just completed ours and it is posted on our Schedule page. Also NEOQS schedule is there too.

You still want more pulling, Check out Facebook. Winona GT pullers are on there along with Buckeye Dirt Draggers. You can find their schedules on their pages.

Hope to see all of you soon!!!!

This page was last updated: March 7, 2015
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Who is ready for this scene? Green grass, prepped track, and 300 feet of pure fun!